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A skillful backsplash installation in Hot Springs, AR

Personalized Backsplash Installation in Hot Springs, AR

Attractive backsplashes often make for eye-catching highlights in a kitchen, bathroom, or vanity. Whether you want a brand-new design or if you have a specific design from a magazine that you want to duplicate, we're the team for you. Rely on us to complete the entire backsplash installation in Hot Springs, AR, from design through to installation. Contact us for more information.

Making the Most of Your Space

While additional foundational elements might seem more essential to your kitchen’s design, few things complete a look like a well-made backsplash. The power of this unique feature is in accentuating the things you already love about the space--from your countertop materials to the color pallet. As an experienced flooring and backslash contractor, Central Floors Inc. has the knowledge you need to fully enjoy the benefits of this attractive design element.

We know how to help you pick out a material and create a design that will highlight, rather than distract from, your kitchen’s other features. With our team on your side, you’ll craft a cohesive overall design that’s sure to turn heads, impress dinner guests, and keep you feeling comfortable and confident whenever you cook. Plus, we take all the stress out of the backsplash installation process with modern techniques and equipment.

Focused on Your Vision

You shouldn’t feel bogged down by mundane technicalities and specifications when you’re trying to achieve something great in your home improvement project. That’s why we do everything we can to make installing your backsplash simple and streamlined. Our professionals handle all of the hard work--you simply supply the insight and direction needed to ensure that your space reflects your personality in every design element.

Backed by our experience and top-grade equipment, you’ll only have to worry about one thing: who to show your completed kitchen backsplash off to first. Make every detail matter when you create your ideal space. Choose our experts to install a backsplash you can be proud of for life.

Contact us today to get the perfect backsplash for your space. We proudly serve Hot Springs, AR, and the surrounding areas.